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Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) is the ability to deal with emotions - as well as the feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations that accompany emotions - in a flexible, positive way.

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence is increasingly recognised as a way to improve educational outcomes and employment prospects. It also assists in developing positive relationships and general wellbeing.

But too often we skip straight to encouraging young people to regulate their emotions before they have developed the building blocks of emotional literacy.

The first step is learning to recognise emotions, in ourselves and others. The second step is learning to express feelings effectively.

A rich vocabulary of emotions is at the very heart of emotional literacy. Which is why Funny Feelings® has developed the first dictionary of emotions app available free in the iTunes App Store. click here for the free app download.

Great feedback and insights from autistic user of emotionary app. Read more here.


For the start of the new school term, we'll be launching the latest Funny Feelings app. EQ game for iPad is full of quirky animations, character-filled illustrations, stories and quizzes. It's a fun way to challenge and expand your vocabulary of emotions.

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Funny Feelings
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