Funny Feelings

Funny Feelings started as a very personal project for the creator, Sarah Hatherley.

While reflecting on a childhood buffeted about by overwhelming emotions, and an early adulthood trapped beneath an impenetrable corporate armour, The Turtle Who Lost Her Shell spilled onto the page. Along with her less than perfect illustrations. 

The first publisher she approached, Hardie Grant Egmont, were keen to publish. A smarter writer might just have said, "thank you very much" and been happy to have had a publisher take their little storybook to market.

But no, having given voice to her inner child, that kid was not going to shut up.

In quick succession three more stories popped out, and then the guide to journal writing, the animations, and before Sarah knew what was happening, she had developed a full blown passion for demystifying emotions.

Feelings are so important to who we are and how we experience life. And yet so often we ignore them.

Whether we deny our emotions or let them run riot, fear is at the heart of things.

However, by recognising our feelings, understanding their nature, and having the ability to articulate them, we can ultimately learn to manage our emotions.

By demystifying emotions, Sarah hopes to empower children and adults alike to find a joyful pathway through life. It has certainly worked for her.

What she has discovered is that the key to happiness isn't trying to be happy all the time. The key to happiness is not fearing all the other emotions we experience along the way.

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Funny Feelings
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