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Funny Feelings EQ Game

Funny Feelings EQ Game

$29.95 GST inc.

53 card EQ vocab expander

A fun way for people of all ages to expand their vocabulary of emotions.

Easy to read large format cards with expressive illustrations.

Features colour coded cards to match primary emotions, but drills down to explore the language around more complex feelings.

Quiz includes;

  • Curly questions
  • Intensity test
  • Feel it and rate it
  • True or false
  • Pick the odd one out
  • The body detective
  • Act it out
  • Say it with feeling

Double the size of a standard pocket-sized playing card ie 14.5cm x 9cm, these large EQ cards are packaged in a white windowed box.

The free dictionary of emotions app - emotionary - is the perfect companion tool. Available free from the iTunes app store.

Suits 9+

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Funny Feelings
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