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A new twist on the digital 'selfie'.

Funny Feelings creator, Sarah Hatherley, today announced the launch of the emotionary+ app with its new draw-your-own emotional selfie feature.

This world first interactive dictionary is a fast and fun way to identify and accurately express emotions in the moment.

Drilling down through five primary emotions, it literally lets you put your finger on the exact word to describe how you're feeling.

And then gives you time to reflect while drawing your own emotional selfie.

Whether you're irate, cranky or just hot under the collar, you'll find just the perfect word to express how you feel.

You can choose to share that feeling with friends or a loved one via SMS. Or you can tweet it to the world. It's totally social networking enabled.

This interactive, digital dictionary is a natural way to expand your vocabulary of emotions, while having fun sharing life's most intense moments...continued.

Download the emotionary+ media release, 28 April 2014

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