Funny Feelings

“Sarah Hatherley’s Funny Feelings books are cleverly written in delightful rhymes and with a wonderful sense of humour.
Simple illustrations add volumes to the text. Reading them to my Year 5 students generated a great deal of discussion about topics such as the importance of being resilient, maintaining a positive attitude in life and expressing feelings to find constructive solutions to problems.”

Joan Graham, Assistant Director of Students:
Junior School, Melbourne Girls Grammar

I hope many parents do take the opportunity to read and use the books to connect to their child within, in the hope of connecting with the own children at difficult times.

Vincent Papaleo, Psychologist 

“I found them individually powerful as they dealt with ‘hot’ topics like family turbulence, family break-up,  individuation and isolation respectively: and how one child experienced and coped with these issues.”

Cate Anderson, Psychologist

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Funny Feelings
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