Funny Feelings
the game of my life

With humour and a distinctive sense of play, the Funny Feelings series presents four moving and compelling stories.


It’s tough to live your own dream. Particularly if, before you’ve even worked out what it is, someone hands you theirs.

When the seemingly harmless gift of a new pair of ballet shoes causes a little girl untold grief, it is apparent that she fears her future has already been decided. With her dreams slipping away, she turns to her imagination in an attempt to make sense of the challenging ‘game’ of her life. And finally plucks up the courage to reveal her true dreams.

Suits 7-13 years. Discussion starter: The Game Of My Life storybook is ideal as a starting point for discussions about individuation, and the importance of expressing ourselves despite our fears. 

Book and DVD set includes discussion guide

Play an excerpt of this story with the video sneak peek opposite. The DVD with narration by the author and discussion guide is available as book and DVD set.

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