Funny Feelings
the virus that crashed his computer

With humour and a distinctive sense of play, the Funny Feelings series presents four moving and compelling stories.


Cyberspace is his favourite place. To hide from the world and the abuse that’s being hurled. But eventually, even that’s no escape.

Unable to cope with the bullying he receives at school and at home, a little boy retreats into cyberspace. But when his computer gets a virus and starts spitting out incorrect answers, it mirrors the virus of negativity that is affecting his own decision making. Finally he is forced to listen to his heart and use that to guide him back into positivity.

Suits 7-13 yrs. Discussion starter: The Virus That Crashed His Computer storybook is ideal as a starting point for discussions about bullying and isolation, and the importance of maintaining a positive attitude to life. 

Book and DVD set includes discussion guide

The DVD with narration by the author and discussion guide is available as book and DVD set. Play an excerpt of this story with the video sneak peek opposite. 

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