Sarah Hatherley


Delighted to be partnering with Mark Fennessy & Helium Pictures to develop the Use Of Force premium crime drama TV series.

Her groundbreaking Use Of Force podcast garnered Sarah a nomination for Spotify Rising Star at the 2021 Australian Podcast Awards.


Sarah enjoyed a stellar advertising career where her passion for directing was born. Working on 100+ TVC shoots for national and international brands as a creative director at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, before starting to direct commercials herself.

Her first award winning short film, Just Do It, was the catalyst to leaving the industry and setting up La Vérité Films.

Since then she has developed a slate of film and TV projects. Written & directed more internationally recognised short films Lost Soul and The Birth. 

Her first love is crafting exquisite films - any length, from 30 seconds to features to series TV. As a director she brings humour and emotional truth to all her work.

And as a woman, she brings a passion to reframe the perspective of our screen stories.


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Watch Sarah Hatherley's Director's showreel.

Sarah has directed TVCs for the likes of Just Jeans, REV milk, Libra, Tena, Uncle Toby's and countless big brand advertisers.

Her current showreel focuses on the award winning long form work she's done since then.

Great with dialogue and cast - famous actors or first-time on camera children - Sarah has a keen eye for framing and movement.

She works with the best cinematographers and crew to craft affecting screen stories.

Effortlessly traversing cinematic scale and epic sequences to intimate moments of emotional intensity.

Bone dry comedy and authentic moments of humanity are her thing.





USE OF FORCE PODCAST SERIES - A STONKING SUCCESS! An ex NSW cop recounts her story of being an idealistic young recruit who is nearly destroyed by the corrupt police brotherhood. A La Verite Films Production. Produced by Sarah Hatherley, co-produced by David Curry. Subscribe on Apple Spotify etc The podcast has been inspired by the 6 episode TV series currently in development by Hatherley. For the story behind the story click here.

DIRECTOR'S ATTACHMENT, HALIFAX: RETRIBUTION In 2019 Sarah completed a 7 week director's attachment shadowing set up Director Mark Joffe on the first 2 episodes of the Halifax reboot starring Rebecca Gibney and Anthony LaPaglia. Thanks to Film Victoria. This crime thriller miniseries has been the ideal preparation for production of Hatherley's own crime drama.

FEATURE FILM PROOF OF CONCEPT TRAILER Hunted. An atmospheric small town mystery, crime thriller. DP Sky Davies captured Hatherley's cinematic vision with epic, natural beauty juxtaposed with claustrophobic, emotionally charged scenes.   (Previously titled Domestic). For more on Sarah's film & TV slate click on the link below.

Visit LA VERITE FILMS WEBSITE for Sarah's latest filmmaking news.

Sarah Hatherley